1.     Who notifies the organizers of college fairs about this technology so they can register the College Fairs with InstantInfo? We Do. Our solution doesn’t require any organizer or college to pre-register with us to use our solution. For e.g. college counselors can simply print their own college display sheet for their tables and students can text us your college CEEB code right away. You can then download student inquiries after registering with us as a College.

2.     Who notifies schools and/or students that this technology is available to use when they attend college fairs? College Fair organizers can notify the high schools/students to send a text  “Mascot” to 75644,  for pre-registering. But it is not required. When students come to your table at the college fair, they can simply text us your CEEB code (from your table display sheet) and we will capture their profile at their first text to us. Students enter their profiles only once.  

3.     Can this technology still be used if the college fair is not registered with InstantInfo? There is NO NEED to register the College Fair with us. Our solution is designed for ad hoc use with no preparation except for printing your table display sheet. 

4.     Can this technology be used when we (as the college) meet students at individual high school visits? Absolutely, the results are better at high school visits as you have a captive audience. In fact feel free to use it at your open houses or any other recruiting events, anytime anywhere. 

5.     Is this technology available for students to use even if the organizers of college fairs did not inform students or advertise ahead of time? Yes, students can simply text us your college CEEB code (from your table display sheet) at the college fairs or high school visits. We will text them back to complete their profile if not in our system already.

6.     When we (as the college) attend a college fair, how will students visiting our table know to create a profile to make use of this technology? When we receive a text from a student, if that cell number does not have a profile already the student gets a link to create a profile ONCE. After they complete the profile, they walk around the College Fair and keep on texting as many college CEEB codes.

7.     Can students text our CEEB code to InstantInfo without first creating a profile? Yes. When we capture the VERY first text from a cell phone number we send a text back to complete the profile of the student. We keep sending reminder texts for a week to students if the profiles are not completed.   

8.     Can students create a profile after a fair and still capture the schools they visited?  Yes. Please see above. Students can UPDATE their profiles at a later time. We  do text them our URL and username/password for adding more data such as SAT score, etc. 

9.     Are we (as the college) able to influence the fields on the student’s profile questionnaire? We have added most common fields that were required by many colleges. Please text the word “Mascot” to 75644 from your cell phone to see the profile form and the fields now.

10.  As students text our CEEB to InstantInfo, are their profiles instantly added to our dashboard? Yes, they are captured in REAL-TIME and are available for download instantly. Our college interface on our website offers options to view received text inquiries by any date. Just click the “Students” tab and then click any date to view all texts received on that date. Clicking on any student name displays all profile data for that student. It also offers “Download” options by any date or all data collected so far.

11.  How do we (as the college) know from which college fair (or school visit) the names came?  You have the ability to append event codes to your 4 digit unique CEEB code on the display sheet, for eg, 7777LV (LV for Lebanon Valley High School) or 7777MS (your counselor Mike Smith) or 7777PAC (PACAC college fair), etc. Our college interface offers an option to manage your own event codes and corresponding locations, which are also reported in the student inquiries along with a date and time stamp for accurate identification of the source of the inquiries. After you login, just click the “Settings” tab and select “Event Codes”.

12.  I see there is a filter for “Event”, but there is no date associated with that event. Will that event still be traceable if the college fair was not registered with InstantInfo? Yes, we collect date and time stamp for each inquiry.  Just make up an event code for each location, update it in your college portal, print your table display sheet with your expanded CEEB code and you are ready to collect inquiries. You can manage the event codes anytime in our system (see above). Event codes and locations are reported on separate columns in the  “Students” tab and included in the downloaded file.

13.  What must be done on the college’s end to prepare for a download of students who texted their CEEB to InstantInfo?  At least one person from the corresponding  .edu email should “Sign Up” as a “College” Primary User with us. Once we verify and approve the  “Primary” user, other staff members can be added/approved. Any authorized user within the same .edu domain can download all the inquiries for their college anytime. Our college interface offers options to manage your own counselors. Primary users just click the “Users” tab and click “Approve” to give access to your registered counselors.

14.  I see that the data is extracted via Excel. My concern with importing data from InstantInfo is that the fields “School Matched” and “Academic Interest 1” are free-text fields when students complete their profiles. That does not make for import friendly data. Can you tell me how other schools get around this? Do they import or manually enter from the extracted data spreadsheet? We try and “match” the high school names  from the entered profile with our schools database but not the Academic Interest. Whatever students enter will be available to you in the downloaded file without a need to manually re-enter. However an exact matching to your academic fields is not guaranteed. 

15.  When I completed the student profile myself as a test student record, I was not prompted to complete fields for second and third academic interest, yet these columns appear in the test data file as “Academic Interest 2” and “Academic Interest 3”. What is the intended purpose of these two fields – Academic Interest 2 and 3? The student has the option to login to our site and add more Academic Interests at a later time. 

16.  When I completed the student profile, I was not prompted to complete the field “Extra curriculars”, yet this is a column in the data file, which contains no data. What is the intended purpose of field “Extra curriculars”? Will you be adding this field to the student profile questionnaire? Like the Academic Interests 2 and 3, student has the  option to login to our site and add “Extra Curriculars” at a later time. 

17. Can we see the other colleges the students are interested in? Yes, no other solution can provide this competitive data. You have the ability to opt out of this feature in which case your college will not be listed when other colleges look at the inquiries and you won’t see the others either.

18. We recently came across a T-Mobile phone not being able to send a short code. There is a known fix provided at T-Mobile site as below:


Short codes don’t work

  1. Check if the short code you’re using is:
    • Not in the U.S.: T-Mobile does not support sending to international short codes.
    • From T-Mobile.: You can turn on/off marketing communications. See Manage Privacy & Notifications.
  2. Make sure your account is not Simple Choice No Contract. That account type restricts premium services and short codes.
  3. On My T-Mobile, your primary account holder can look for and remove Message blocking services or Family Allowances from the line:
    • Add or remove services, then clear check boxes for any blocking service, and click Next to confirm.
    • In addition to message and email blocks, remove ‘Block Content Downloads’ as it blocks messages to some short codes.
  4. Check your signal to make sure you’re connected to the T-Mobile network. Short codes do not work while roaming on another network.
  5. Restart the device.
  6. For Android devices, check that the short codes settings are enabled.
  7. Double-check the short code you’re using is correct, and try again.
  8. If the short code is still not responding, contact us to check for any outages or account trouble.

19. Is student data secure? Yes. Do you sell it? NO.

Data collected from students is stored at nationally recognized and qualified data centers:

a. Our data centers are compliant on:

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS 70 Type II)
  • PCI Level 1
  • FISMA Moderate
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

b. Web interface where colleges sign in uses secure https protocol and 128 bit data encryption which are industry standard for secure applications.

c.  We are compliant with FERPA(Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) in sharing data

Further we do NOT sell student data to anyone and it is accessible only to the colleges the student elects to share with. 

20. Can we use our own alphacode (acronym) instead of the 4 digit CEEB code?

Yes. Just select your acronym (3 to 8 characters) and email us. Once we update your selection, students can then text that name eg: UNIV# to 75644.