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The EASIEST way to collect student information at college fairs and other events without handwritten cards, scanning devices, or even computers, is here. MyFutureMascot is our proprietary technology (patent pending) that works with students’ smartphones in real-time. GO GREEN and CUT THE CARD.

How do we do it?

Each college displays a banner or printout of its own unique 4 digit CEEB code to be Texted to 75644 from students’ smartphones. NO MORE CARDS or SCANNERS/QR Codes.

Students text the college’s CEEB Code to 75644.  This can be done anytime, even outside the college fairs. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES TO PROMOTE A COLLEGE.

Students receive a web link on their smartphones to complete their personal information only once. NO COMPUTERS OR PRE REGISTRATION BEFORE THE FAIR.

Students then can text as many CEEB codes of colleges they are interested in as they walk around the college fair now and in the future. EFFICIENT and SAVES SO MUCH TIME.

Authorized college representatives are able to login into our website and download the student data collected (CSV file) for their own colleges anytime.

Benefits to Colleges

Use the technology at any College Fair, College Open House or Recruiting Event, High school visit,  Radio or TV or Print ads or Social Networking sites. This can be used anytime, anywhere!

Verified cell phone numbers and student information for colleges in real-time! Opens up unlimited promotional opportunities to students directly.

  No preparation is necessary except for a printout of the CEEB code of the college and our texting number 75644. NO MESSY SCANNER TO BUY OR TAKE CARE OF.

College counselors can actually spend time talking to prospective students rather than handling cards or scanning sheets!

Student data can be analyzed by zip code and date of events. The office of Admissions can see how many inquiries they are receiving daily in each state. Great for territory Management.

No more students blocking traffic to other prospective students at the table.

College representatives have instant access to student data.

Thank you emails can be sent with college representative’s information nightly.

No more printing cards or transcribing inaccurate information at unpredictable time frames.


FREE for a limited time.

What is my College CEEB Code?